Romeo dhe Erjola në lidhje dashurije, ish banori i publikon fotot (FOTO)

During Tuesday’s “prime” in “Big Brother VIP 3”, a bomb statement released by Graciano that between Romeo and Erjola there is a consent shocked the entire public opinion as well as Romeo’s relationship with Heidi.

He has even discovered that when they were out, Romeo wrote to Erjola on social networks, but the latter did not reply, leaving him ‘seen’.

Erjola was determined to reject every statement by Graciano, and she even tried to leave the house eventually because of the busy situation. While a good part of the public has supported Erjola in this situation, there have been many others who believe that there is chemistry between the two residents.

Despite the fact that inside the house Erjola prefers to stay as far away from this situation as possible, outside the house, exactly on her social networks, things look different. The person who manages her Instagram made a post, where in the background he put the collaboration of Romeo Veshaj and Ledri Vula, “E keni dit”.

Many commentators have written that the placement of this song in the background is tendentious and embarrassing. Some users of social networks hint that it is the well-known journalist, and at the same time Erjola’s friend, Ronaldo Sharka, who manages her Instagram now that she is inside the house and who wanted to ‘throw fuel on the fire’.