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How to Start, run, and grow a public bank – A simple, easy guide

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How to Start, run, and grow a public bank – A simple, easy guide

Public Bank management involves a lot of concentration, decision-making, and in fact, an almost total separation of control. You have a central manager who decides how much money shall be spent, when, where and under what terms. The rest is managed by different banks which work together as a team to make sure that the funds are used for the benefit of the public. However, this doesn’t mean that you can ignore the need to manage your finances. In fact, it is one of the first things we do as a company if we are founded. Let’s take a look at how you can start running your own bank from scratch with no experience or credit history. Read on for more information, details, and examples.

How to Start a Public Bank

In order to start your own public bank you need to start with an idea. The idea is everything. The execution is all the rest. The only way to execute an idea is to start building it up soon. It is very important to get your idea out there and get it heard loud and clear so that others can see it too. The first step is to find a suitable location. You can either look into expanding your existing location or looking for a new one. If expanding, remember to keep the same location maintenance costs as before. There is no sense in growing a bank that one location alone would not be enough. If the idea is to expand, it would be better to do so in multiple locations.

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How to Run a Public Bank

You can begin with your home branch. However, you will quickly receive requests from other banks to open branches. It is important to know the rules and regulate the number of people who can open a branch. You can request permission to open a branch and prove to the manager that you have the necessary number of people in mind. You can also look into entering into a contract with a third party to open your branch. A contract with the third party allows you to open a branch without a license and is usually valid for 3 years.

Set Up your team

Once you have an idea and a location, it is time to gel the team together. You will have to decide who will run your branch, what will happen during opening hours, who will operate the teller and savings and loan branch, and so on. This is crucial to your business growth and success. You will be surprised how easy it is to found a team. You can look into hiring people from different industries or create your own team. It is good to hire people who have experience and can help run a small branch. These people can make a big difference for your business.


The main thing to remember about starting your own bank is this: get your idea out there and get it heard loud and clear so that others can see it too. The rest will follow. You can start with an idea and a location, then gel the team together, and then start to operate the branch. Next, you can find a team that can handle the logistics and manage the branch. After that, you can start to manage your finances and start growing your business.

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